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We collaborate with you, the parent, throughout the whole process: evaluation, establishing attainable goals, therapeutic intervention, successful achievement of outcomes, and transition to community based activities.

Your child will receive therapy in a state of the art sensory gym to provide a playful kid-friendly environment to inspire her to move and think in new patterns for success.



uses the child’s play preferences for activities and sensory style in…

The Just Right Challenge

an activity that meets the child’s current abilities and then pushes them just a step further than they have been before to achieve…

Adaptive Response

changes to their behavior to succeed at a new task or skill while they are...

Actively Engaged

participating in an activity because it is fun and challenging.

These movement experiences are incorporated into the targeting of higher level activities such as handwriting and copying from the board because they are the foundational skills needed to successfully complete these complex tasks.

Our approach is simple: to you, the parent, it is a therapeutic session, To your child it is a fun play session!

We encourage parent participation in our sessions as much as possible.

Sensory Gym

A space that allows a child to safely explore fun and motivating movement experiences that develop motor coordination, visual-motor skills, task completion skills, success, and self-esteem.

Our Approach

We begin with you and your child from evaluation through treatment and discharge. We collaborate with you and your child to: evaluate skills and needs, set treatment goals, and to provide therapeutic intervention to achieve successful outcomes. We encourage parent participation in therapy sessions so that there is successful carry over of skills into your child’s life outside of the clinic. We will also collaborate closely with teachers, coaches and other caregivers to achieve the highest level of success in every day activities. As much as possible we strive to transition your child to the most beneficial community activities (be it karate, soccer, gymnastics, or cheerleading) for his/her continued success and development upon discharge from therapeutic services.

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